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DO’S :

1)    All students are expected to come to the school in neat and clean uniform.

2)    The medium of instruction is English therefore the students and parents should try to communicate in English in and outside of the class room.

3)    Students should be polite and courteous to their elders, gentle and kind to their classmates.

4)    It is duty of every pupil to keep class rooms and school premises absolutely neat and clean.

5)    Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books, and other belongings.

6)    It is compulsory to all students to avoid rice in lunch box.

7)    All students are expected to take part in all extracurricular activities.


1)    Carrying mobile phones, electronic gadgets and gold ornaments and jewelry is prohibited.

2)    Habitual late coming and negligence in the class.

3)    Use of abusive language, quarrelsome and riotous behavior.

4)    Insubordination and defiance of lawful order.

5)    Disrespectful behavior, rumor mongering and character assassination.

6)    Making false accusations and or assault either provoked or otherwise.

7)    Use of chewing gum or narcotics in the school premises.

8)    Mutilations of school records.

9)    Indulging in or encouraging of any form of malpractice connected with the examination or other school activities.

10)    Coming school by self driven power vehicle.

11)    Obstructing class fellows or other members from lawful duties and indulging in any sort of agitation to coerce embarrass the school authorities.

12)    Bulling of junior by seniors.


1)    The conduct and discipline of a student is of prime importance at ideal global school.

2)    It is expected that every students in school behaves in a manner that befits the dignity and honour of the values cherished at the school.

3)    Discipline is maintained through understanding and positive attitude.

4)    The school believes Tagore’s philosophy “Where the mind without fear”.

5)    Discipline includes respect for seniors, love for juniors and self-control.

6)    Students discipline and conduct is recorded in the report card where special columns are made to assign grades according to their behavior.

7)    Any student found leaking in conduct and behavior may be asked to leave the school not withstanding any other achievements to his/her debit

8)    The discipline and conduct records are the basis for the students final character certificate, whenever issued.




Board of management is responsible for providing oversight and support to all teams and activities of IPS, maintaining the ethos and providing foundation for the organization’s growth.


Interhouse debate competition is held to promoting debating skills among the budding leaders.The debate team also participates in Interschool competitions held at different levels. The debate team participates in each and every competition of Debate contest annually.

Public speaking:
During school assembly, students speak on different topics to hone their public speaking skills. Interhouse Public Speaking competition is also held in the school.

Interhouse recitation competitions are held in different languages such as Kannada, English, Hindi and Sanskrit annually.

Declamation :
Interhouse declamation competitions are held throughout the year. These competitions are held in different languages such as Kannada, English and Hindi. The school also sends it team to participate in interschool declamation competition.

Drawing and Painting:
Interhouse art competitions are held annually. Students also participate in various interschool competitions conducted by various organizations in the city and elsewhere.

Interhouse quiz competitions are held for junior cadets as well as senior cadets. Cadets also participate in Inter Schools Quiz competition held annually.

Essay writing:
Interhouse essay competitions are organized throughout the year in different languages such as Kannada, English and Hindi. These competitions are held category wise. Students also participate in essay writing competitions held at regional and national levels.

Cultural programs:
Variety entertainment programs are held on various occasions in the school Students are provided opportunities to showcase their histrionic talent.

In order to improve handwriting of the cadets calligraphy workshops are held. Handwriting competitions are also organized for the students.