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Interhouse debate competition is held to promoting debating skills among the budding leaders.The debate team also participates in Interschool competitions held at different levels. The debate team participates in each and every competition of Debate contest annually.

Public speaking:

During school assembly, students speak on different topics to hone their public speaking skills. Interhouse Public Speaking competition is also held in the school.


Interhouse recitation competitions are held in different languages such as Kannada, English, Hindi and Sanskrit annually.

Declamation :

Interhouse declamation competitions are held throughout the year. These competitions are held in different languages such as Kannada, English and Hindi. The school also sends it team to participate in interschool declamation competition.

Drawing and Painting:

Interhouse art competitions are held annually. Students also participate in various interschool competitions conducted by various organizations in the city and elsewhere.


Interhouse quiz competitions are held for junior cadets as well as senior cadets. Cadets also participate in Inter Schools Quiz competition held annually.

Essay writing:

Interhouse essay competitions are organized throughout the year in different languages such as Kannada, English and Hindi. These competitions are held category wise. Students also participate in essay writing competitions held at regional and national levels.

Cultural programs:

Variety entertainment programs are held on various occasions in the school Students are provided opportunities to showcase their histrionic talent.


In order to improve handwriting of the cadets calligraphy workshops are held. Handwriting competitions are also organized for the students.